52% of shoppers want more control

Recent consumer research revealed shopper frustrations with current site discovery and navigation tools. Find out how modern shoppers really want to shop.

Merchandising as rich as the human language

Making each shopper feel like you “get them” starts with being able to understand what they want.

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Get a free audit of one of your product categories to see how your current discovery criteria compares to how your shoppers think and talk about your products.

Where is the person in personalization?

Understanding your customer starts with giving them the control to personalize their discovery experience. Find out what your strategy is missing.

About Compare Metrics

Compare Metrics’ Adaptive Experience solutions empower shoppers to think, discover, compare and decide as they do in the real world, using their own words and preferences to confidently discover the right product. The benefit? Increased engagement, higher conversion, and a perpetually more personalized discovery experience for each shopper.